The stars of the pre-Christmas season

Where to get the »Gloriette TM varieties«
Gloriette varieties are absolute novelties for the year 2020. Selected companies have already made great cultural experiments and were excited. You can buy poinsettias in garden and specialist shops from the end of november. The classic red star is and remains the elegant red poinsettia. It is still one of the most popular and best-selling Christmas decorations. Christmas stars in elegant white and cream-colored stars provide a special flair. With the new trend colors pink and rosé or even two-tone stars you can set real color accents. These will expand the Gloriette range in the coming years! Get inspiration and decorating tips from our poinsettia picture gallery.

Where the poinsettias originally come from
Poinsettias, the botanical name of the Christmas stars, originally come from Mexico, where they grow wildly into tall bushes. At the beginning of the 20th century, cut branches of wild poinsettias were available for purchase as Christmas flowers. The first varieties of compact pots finally appeared in the 1950s. We are constantly working on the breeding of new varieties in order to improve properties such as flowering and robustness and to create new colors.


From a large trial field of varieties in our breeding program, we selected the best varieties that have proven themselves three years in a row and meet our high standards:


Easier culture management


Properties for different requirements


Innovative varieties


Sustainable varieties