The new Poinsettia Breeding

a new star is born

In collaboration with the most renowned poinsettia breeders and the most expert poinsettia young plants companies and production companies in the whole world, we realized a breeding programme that brought us an impressive diversity of varieties. Several hundreds of poinsettia novelties were tested for several years in several proving grounds and differing climatic conditions, in order to fulfil the most challenging requirements.

Large-scale cultural experiments

… confirm the simple culture of the "Gloriette" varieties

High breeding standards

… breeding went hand in hand with the requirements of young plant and production companies

<< Gloriette >>

From this large diversity of breeding
we have selected the best varieties that have proven themselves
three yearsin a row and meet our high standards:

Simplicity: Easier culture management

Differentiation: Properties for different requirements

Innovation: Innovative varieties

Sustainability: Sustainable varieties

 „Gloriette TM“-varieties varieties embody these objectives.

As the name suggests, we refer to magnificent buildings in a historic garden. The architects of the time knew how to create unique, beautiful buildings that remain timelessly attractive and seem statically indestructible. We combine the art with the enchanting beauty of our varieties, the architecture with the outstanding growth characteristics and the nature in the garden with our efforts to produce in a sustainable manner at all points.



Christmas stars as an advent wreath

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It doesn't always have to be red

Surprising variety of colors


Gloriette Brilliant Red

Gloriette Brilliant Red
  • Unique bright colour
  • Dark foliage

  • Extremely uniform growth


→ Beautiful brilliant red over dark foliage

→ Well-formed cyathia

→ Very good branching and reliable shoots

→ Flowering time of 7 weeks

→ Strong and stable shoots in V-shape

Pinch out deeply, branches very easily

No inhibitor should be used after the first short day’s week.

Gloriette Glamour

Gloriette Glamour
  • A variety for high quality
  • Medium growth
  • Strong branching

→ Many medium sized bracts in bright red and numerous cyathia

→ Very good V-shaped growth

→ Harmonious and round structure

→ Excellent and very safe branching for beautiful round plants

Ø Pinch out deeply, branches very easily

Ø Due to the strong shoots, this variety is not suitable for wet greenhouses.